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UI/UX Designer.

UI/UX Designer from Mauritius

Hi, I'm Xavier

A UI/UX designer from Mauritius with extensive experience in website design, web apps development, mobile app design and project management as well.

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Providing cost-effective solutions to my clients.

UI/UX Design

A UI/UX designer from Mauritius, who is dedicated to making the web more user-friendly for everyone.

Website Design

Having a background in both web design and user experience, I am able to produce high-quality work that will captivate your audience. My attention to detail means my designs are always on point - from their color palette or typography choices all the way down tp how they're organized spatially within any given space!

Website Maintenance

Get peace of mind knowing that your site is always up-to date with the latest software, security updates and backups. You can focus on what really matters: growing business!

E-Commerce Solutions

Evolve your business to the next level by developing a selling platform.

Project Management

Come talk to me about your website and web app development needs. I can help you make it happen!

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UI/UX Designer from Mauritius

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Co-founder and a proud member

Fourlines Design Studio is an “eco-responsible” international design collective that specialises in visual communication and branding.

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